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Our Products

Copper Filter Driers

CLASSIC copper filter driers are precisely fabricated to absorb the moisture, acid, and to filter out dirt and other impurities from the system. This product is mainly designed to be utilised in domestic & commercial refrigerators and freezers.

We offer wide range of finest grade copper filter driers. All our driers are made up of premium quality copper-DHP which is corrosion resistant and easy to weld while the screen/mesh is made up of stainless steel SS304 fitted inside the drier which is again the most reliable corrosion resistant material available in the market.

We use only premium quality molecular sieve which is the most critical component used in filter driers to absorb foreign materials.

Technical Index

S.No. Model No. Material Molecular Sieve (g) Screen Grade Overall Length +- 2 mm Weight (g) +- 1 g Body Dia. (mm) Wall Thickness (mm)
1. RCD A4 (M-7.5) LW Cu- DHP 7.5 SS 304 101 24 15.6 0.4
2. RCD A4 (M-7.5) HD Cu- DHP 7.5 SS 304 114 28 15.6 0.4
3. RCD A4 (M-15) Cu- DHP 15 SS 304 114 - 18.8 -
4 . RCD A4 (M-25) Cu- DHP 25 SS 304 125 - 18.8 -

Note! All sizes are CLASSIC standard, other size can be made on request


With the standard packing of 10 pieces, we offer individual piece vacuum packing to further protect the drier from exposing to air that enhances its durability.