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Our Products

Phos-copper Brazing Alloys

CLASSIC Phos-copper brazing alloy is the low cost alternative for brazing copper and copper alloy base metals and is engineered to provide excellent fluidity, great strength and smooth processing property.

There is absolutely no need to add flux while brazing copper and silver.The product should not be used on ferrous and nickel based alloys, in order to avoid premature failure of the joint due to the formation of brittle intermetallic phases.

Phos-copper brazing alloy is mainly used for brazing copper parts in refrigerators, air-conditioners, evaporator, heat exchanger, water heater, and other non-ferrous industries.

Technical Index

      Melting Range  
Standard Alloy Chemical Composition Solidus Liquidus Application
AWS A5.8 BCuP-2 Cu,  P:7-7.5% 710 790

For brazing copper and copper alloys

AWS A5.8 BCuP-3 Cu,  P:5.7-6.1%, Ag:5.0-5.2% 643 816

For brazing copper and copper alloys

AWS A5.8 BCuP-4 Cu, P:7-7.5%, Ag: 5.8-6.2% 643 790

For brazing copper and copper alloys

AWS A5.8 BCuP-5 Cu, P:4.8-5.3%, Ag:14.5-15.5% 643 800

For brazing copper,copper alloys, silver etc.

AWS A5.8 BCuP-6 Cu, P:6.8-7.5%, Ag:1.8-2.2% 643 790

For brazing copper and copper alloys

AWS A5.8 BCuP-7 Cu, P:4.8-5.2%, Ag: 6.5-7% 643 800

For brazing copper and copper alloys

Shapes Available:

Round Rod: Diameter 1.5-4.0 mm, Length- 50-1000 mm

Flat Bar: 1.3x3.2 mm, Length- 50-1000 mm

Square Rod: 2x2 mm, 2.5x2.5 mm, 3.2x3.2 mm, Length- 50-1000 mm


Note! All sizes are CLASSIC standard, other size can be made on request


With the standard packing of 10 kgs, we offer 1 kg packing in the box of 10 kgs to further protect the product from exposing to air that enhances its durability.